It's Naturally Possible.

PoshaGreen offers a new concept in performance nutrition that goes beyond traditional protein, carbohydrates, and isolated ingredients. Unlike typical supplements that address nutritional deficiencies, Posha is a tonic inspired by ancient medical systems to elevate physical performance and accelerate healing and physical conditioning in the most natural way possible.

Posha treats body as a complex system, and brings together synergistic herbs and macro nutrients to nourish body inside out. Posha is completely natural, raw-vegan, free of common allergens, and formulated to work in harmony with the body conditioning cycle.



PoshaGreen's mission is to promote strong and healthy living for people through plant-based nutrition, compassion for animals, and sustaining environment for the future.

We do this by taking nutrition back basics when humans used to be forest foragers. Our bodies evolved to thrive with diversity of food. We recreate this nutritional diversity by incorporating traditional knowledge of native civilizations across the world.

Humans have a symbiotic relationship with nature are part of the ecosystem. We believe that by being closer to nature and eating naturally, we can be physically stronger, mentally acute, and spiritually aware.


  • energizer: Pre-workout protein energy shake for strength, endurance, and focus. Shifts body from energy conservation to energy burning mode.

  • recovery: Post-workout nutritional shake for body restoration, detox, and immunity. Shifts body from protection (inflammation) to healing mode.

  • builder: Mid and post-workout recovery shake for body rebuilding, hydration, detox, and immunity. Shifts body from slow recuperation to accelerated reconditioning mode.


Posha products are a blend of complete plant protein, unprocessed carbohydrates, and diverse planetary herbs. Our ingredients are:

  • All Natural (100% non-GMO)

  • Raw Vegan

  • Mostly Organic and Wild-crafted

  • Common Allergen Free

  • Fruit Sweetened

  • Flavored with Natural Spices

  • Fortified with Digestive Aids


It's Naturally Possible.

About Posha

Posha is Sanskrit for nourishing, and Green is how we bring that goodness to you. We value traditional wisdom of herbs and balance it with modern understanding of nutrition.

At PoshaGreen, we are guided by mission of sustainable nutrition for strong and healthy humans. We strive to accomplish this through research and innovation.