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Protein Shake

Maximize your workout performance with a blend of plant based complete protein combined with potent, synergistic, and time tested herbs.

17 g of plant based complete protein
22 g fast digesting carbohydrates
30 synergistic recovery herbs

Benefits ✓ Natural Ingredients ✓ Allergen Free ✓ Eco Friendly ✓ Vegan ✓ Non-GMO & Wildcrafted
Active Lifestyle
» combat stress and maintain sustained energy level̥
Sports & Fitness
» increased stamina, burst strength, & faster recovery
Strength Training
» peak power, muscle gain, and reduced soreness
Physical Conditioning
» improve body's adaptability to physical demands

Process of Fitness

Fitness, as we understand it is a process of body conditioning. Body conditioning is achieved by stressing the body through physical exertion and letting it adapt to the new norm - it gets stronger through cycles of stress and rest.

Body conditioning can be stressful, and even painful at times. Our body limits physical exertion because it results in damage and weakness during its recovery. The recovery period can span from days to weeks depending on the activity. Compare body conditioning to how the body builds stronger immunity after a bout of flu. The body's natural brakes against physical exertion, and extended time for full recovery are the two major factors that limit our ability to achieve a better level of fitness, quicker.